Recent Investments

The Tofield Health Foundation has a strong history of supporting a variety of health services within our community. This includes a range of projects, from physician support to specialized equipment purchases. With your donations and support, we will continue to enrich and support the health of all Tofield and area residents!

With the support of our community and donors, we improve the lives and health of our residents. We focus on four main areas that need your support:

Physician Support

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Tofield Health Centre Equipment and Furniture

Wellness Conference and Workshops

Future Development - Bursaries

Past Projects

8 Wheelchairs



Pan-Optic Ophalmoscope



Interactive Portable Bubble Machine


Air Purifier

Portable UV Air Purifiers for Laundry and Long Term Care



Patient Chairs – low and high back



And much more...

Trauma room

Foundation Purchases to Date – Updated November 2020

Glidescope for Video Laryngoscopy7,500.00New Request
Murals with Interactive Activities for Residents15,000.00New Request
Medical Australian Sheepskins – Occupational Therapy$950.00November 2020
PPE Storage and Dispensing System (15) – Acute Care$2,850.00November 2020
Oxygen Concentrator – Long Term Care$2,438.12September 2020
Touchless Cutlery Dispensers (2) – Nutrition and Food Services$458.28August 2020
Blood Pressure Monitor with Pulse Oximeter – Long Term Care$2,450.00August 2020
Tables (6) – Long Term Care/Recreation$8,011.82January 2020
Chairs with Arms (20) – Long Term Care/Recreation$5,292.00July 2019
Countertop Ice Dispenser – Acute Care$5,624.28June 2019
ABBY – Long Term Care/Recreation$11,438.86April 2019
Ring Cutter – Emergency$1,307.00March 2019
Ergonomic Imaging Chair – Radiology$2,950.00October 2018
Bariatric Total Lift System – Long Term Care$4,925.00August 2018
Bariatric Wheelchair – Long Term Care$2,539.95August 2018
Duet Bicycle for Recreation/Long Term Care$10,000.75July 2018
Renovations to Resident Court Yard and Front Flower Beds – Phase 2$3,115.00May 2018
Stow-a-Away Wheelchair Scale – Long Term Care5,659.00August 2017
Step Platform Device – X-Ray (BMS helped fund this purchase)2,975.00August 2017
Renovations to Resident Court Yard and Front Flower Beds – Phase 1$4,385.00August 2017
Assisted with Purchase of ECG Manikin$5,526.00March 2017
Shower Chair – Long Term Care$13,127.00January 2017
Power Receptacles for Acute Care TV Upgrade Project$6,000.00October 2016
Positioning Bed Wedges – Long Term Care$477.00October 2015
Overbed Tables – Acute Care/Long Term Care/Emergency$3,375.00October 2015
Shower Chair – Acute Care$374.08October 2015
IV Fluid Warmer – Emergency Department$2,089.00May 2015
Stow-a-Away Wheelchair Scale – Acute Care$5,904.00April 2015
Century Style Bed and MaxiFloat Mattress – Long Term Care$2,405.00March 2015
2 Century Style Beds with Mattress and Trapeze – Long Term Care$5,014.00May 2014
Positioning Bed Wedges – Long Term Care$113.00June 2013
Phlebotomy Cart – Laboratory$1,976.00April 2013
Sofa and 2 Recliners – Long Term Care$5,989.00January 2013
Sheepskins$1,655.00August 2012
Replacement Patient Chairs – High and Low Back – Acute Care$27,324.00November 2011
Portable UV Air Purifiers (4) – Laundry and Long Term Care$2,092.00April 2011
Interactive Portable Bubble Machine$2,023.00September 2010
Pan-Optic Ophthalmoscope – Emergency Department$642.00February 2010
Physio Control Simulator –$651.00February 2010
Fibre-Optic Light Source – Recreation$850.00November 2009
Tables – Dining Room and Recreation$11,635.00March 2009
8 Wheelchairs – Emergency Department$329.00March 2009
Anniversary Super Bed – Acute Care$10,254.00March 2008
Doctors On Call Room$6,000.00December 2007
Treadmill, Pulmonary Bike – Rehab$6,397.00March 2007
Century Tub – Long Term Care$24,000.00November 2006
Palliative Care Suite Renovations$12,000.00September 2006
TV – Waiting Area – Emergency Department$2,000.00June 2005
Physiotherapy Chairs$3,600.00February 2005


We are made stronger, better and healthier by our donors.