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In 2023, our Foundation purchased the a SmartDrive MX2 PowerAssist.  This has brought an extremely important piece of technology into the Continuing Care area.  It has made a difference for resident Gary.

Prior to receiving the SmartDrive MX2 PowerAssist, Gary had issues with knee and back pain while independently maneuvering his wheelchair with his arm and leg.  But now, with this device, he can continue to use his arm and leg to mobilize his wheelchair with much less effort and much faster.

This has been such a hit, that we’d like to purchase 2 more!  The proceeds from our Canada Day BBQ In Your Own Backyard Fundraiser will go towards this project.  Thanks for your support!  While this promotion is now over, you can still contribute by hitting the DONATE button.

As a Health Foundation, our mission is to preserve, protect and enhance the role of the Tofield Health Center and associated providers of health care services to Tofield, Ryley, Holden and surrounding communities.

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Advanced tickets are available from Foundation Trustees, the Tofield Health Centre, Village of Ryley Office, Town of Tofield Office, Beaver County Office, and at the Tofield Farmer's Market.


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